Garage Door Openers for Your Home in Calgary

Your garage door opener is the most important piece to ensure your safety. Unless it is not possible to replace it at the same time you change your door due to various circumstances, you should keep it on check. Remember this: a broken garage door opener will cause garage door malfunction and might put your safety at risk. A regular verification is necessary.

On the market, there are two different types of garage door openers: belt-drive and chain-drive units. There is no one better than the other; they both have their own advantages. The first one uses a rubber-like drive belt to open and close your garage door. It is generally quieter, more durable, and requires less maintenance. However, they are usually more expensive. The chain-drive garage door opener uses a metal chain to open and close the garage door. It is generally louder and requires more maintenance since the chain can wear out and get loose over time, but it is much cheaper than the belt-drive version.

“Smart” Garage Door Openers

It happened to all of us at least once that we wonder a few kilometres away from home if we actually left our garage door open. Going back to check is only a waste of time when you can close it anywhere, anytime within a few clicks on your smartphone. New technology makes life so much easier! You can now monitor and control your garage door through an app. If you ever left your garage door opened or closed, your phone will alert you about its status. It is certainly an excellent add-on feature that provides an extra security. Compatible with almost all our modern garage door openers, the app provides peace of mind, guaranteed. Call us now for more information.

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